The birth


At first there were three; Anna Lundgaard, Sara Torvallbach & Diane Soa - A Conscious Event Producer, a Spiritual Healer & a Shamanic Energy Worker.
They came together with a collective force to hold space for the new movement of spiritual health. Growing awareness of the body/mind/spirit trinity of the new generation, Lundgaard, Torvallbach & Soa have a joined passion, to lead with integrity and build a thriving community honoring their Nordic roots. 
Their mission is to build a festive fun and inclusive community that allows growth and awakening by featuring inspiring spiritual leaders; conversations, workshops, healing, music, movement and much more. Nordic Flow is a heart project as the founders fundamentally believe, that it is all about what awakens from within.



The Healer



The Shamanic Energy Worker



The Conscious Event Producer


The idea is to create a fun, powerful, inclusive experience that will be a stepping stone to a greater daily expansion and conscious living.

Working with the elements

(Nordic Flow July 2019)

Day 1: Honoring

Elements: Water & Air
Day 1 : We combine the feminine energy, (water), with the breath of life, (air). The Age of Aquarius is all about community, and Aquarius being an Air sign, we wish to start our 2-day festival by honoring the elements of water and air.

Day 2: Rising

Elements: Earth & Fire
Day 2 is a merge between the ultimate feminine element (earth), with the masculine energy (fire). We merge the feminine with the masculine. The nurturing and stable mother-energy full of endurance and strength. With the fire element of strong will and father-energy, purifying the matter, for the divine will to enter. This day is for the rising of the divine feminine aspect in the human minds.



Calling in the New Age

Photo: Thrive Studio

Photo: Thrive Studio


“Whenever we rise, we learn. We leave the old. We cherish it’s lessons, and we move deeper. To the sound of our hearts calling, we search through the woods of our mind, with blindfolds covering the eyes of the blind, we search. Cause what we want, is to see without eyes. Touch without hands. Listen without ears. And kiss without lips.
We are here now.”
- Nordic Flow.