Nordic flow

Holistic consciousness


est. 2019

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An Annual Affair


Nordic flow is a community festival, featuring prolific and powerful forces within the framework of the new and thriving holistic movement.

This festival is designed for those whose inclination is to expand their daily conscious behavior through guidance & helpful tools provided by leading nordic spiritual teachers.



NordicFlow Summer 2019

Nordic Flow’s thank you magazine

A heartfelt THANK YOU, to all the beautiful souls coming together for Nordic Flow’s birth back in July 2019.

We have created a NF online magazine for you to re-connect with the energy that we so beautifully co-created.
CLICK on the picture bellow and it will take you straight back to our adventurous days of Water/Air & Fire/Earth



To all of you who invested time, effort and money in joining this years Nordic Flow, know that a tree has been planted, through your ticket.

Should you feel called to support go to:

Give a monthly or one-time donation and help our planet grow greener and cleaner.

Remember there is no them and us. We are all interconnected and when we are suffering we need to heal as a collective.
-Nordic Flow

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Because we are a generation craving something deeper

Under the Northern sky lies a sleeping beauty, eyes as bright as diamonds, heart wide open and aware. She rises with the sun, assuring anyone who walks by her side, authenticity in blood , backbone beaming with morning light.
— Nordic Flow
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Dream team

Brand partners

We couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with some of the most interesting, innovative and conscious danish brands.
Below are some of the businesses that were a part of our 2019 Conscious Festival.